Medicine and Critical Care

Preventive Programme, Pre-Employment checkups, Periodical medical examinations, First aid training programs, Health awareness programs, Anesthetist, Dietitian, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Onco Physician, Psychiatric, Neurosurgeon, Urology, Radiologist

Balaji Hospital has well-equipped and furnished Medicine department, where the qualified doctors are there for consultation by patients. These doctors from the Department of Medicine make sure the diagnosis and analysis of patient's health problems is done with perfection and try providing them with best suitable prescription for utmost benefits.

Our general medicine department is absolutely clean and equipped with suitable and required machines and equipments to undertake different procedures. Further, our support staff members are friendly who attend patients properly and make them feel comfortable

Our hospital medicine facility is constantly upgraded to provide finest facilities and utmost benefits to patients throughout region.

The Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) is a 20 bed unit providing acute care for adult and geriatric critically ill medical patients. The multidisciplinary staff is highly collaborative and supportive, working together to achieve the best patient outcomes possible. The care is directed by pulmonary intensivists who specialize in critical care medicine.

The Medical Intensive Care Unit provides care to the critically ill with conditions related to:

  • Lung problems
  • Kidney problems
  • Liver problems
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Diseases of the blood
  • Cancer problems
  • Blood infections

Balaji Hospital provide Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) also referred to as critical care medicine, is that body of specialist knowledge and practice concerned with the treatment of patients, with, at risk of, or recovering from potentially life threatening failure of one or more of the body organ systems. It includes the provision of organ system support, the investigation, diagnosis, and treatment of acute illness, systems management and patient safety, ethics, end-of-life care, and support of families.

ICM is a dynamic specialty with the responsibility for caring for the most critically ill patients in hospital. Whilst other medical specialties deal exclusively with specific organs or body systems, ICM encompasses patients with the entire spectrum of medical and surgical pathology. An ICM doctor is able to provide advanced organ support during critical illness and is responsible for co-coordinating the care of patients on the ICU. ICM is high-tech, life-saving care that underpins and interacts with all other areas of the hospital.